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Car Insurance Rate Variable

Rating Criteria

Credit Reports – Most of the insurance companies use credit as part of the equation when setting rates. Some people do not understand the relationship. Actuaries have come up with the statistics that prove credit to be a significant rating factor. There is a stability factor and relationship to accident frequency that coincides with the credit history.

Vehicle Types – This can be kind of tricky. Some newer vehicles actually have better rates than the older vehicles because of all the safety features. Some vehicles have high theft rates. Make sure that you get the vehicle identification number of any new vehicle purchase and give it to your insurance company to obtain your new rate.

Rating Territory – You are stuck with this one unless you move to another geographical area.

Driver Info – The driving records and ages of your drivers will play a significant part in your rate.

Discounts – There are several ways to discount your car insurance. Purchase the home policy with the auto policy to get a multi-policy discount. Good student and drivers training discounts are available to young drivers with some companies. Retirement discounts and discounts for taking a mature driving course are available for senior citizens.

The cheaper rate is really up to you. Do your home work and ask your insurance company a lot of questions.